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Double CD
Mixed by Ravin

Children like Ravin who were brought up in the Indian Ocean, are all told the story of Siddharta, the man that would become Buddha. Intertwining tales of mythology and traditional culture, the life of Siddharta recounts a quest for wisdom and enlightenment. In homage to Siddharta, Ravin conjures up a magical story of emotion and passion, a double album culminating a year of deep musical introspection.

Throughout his travels around the planet, Ravin has ventured out to capture the emotion of faraway places like the Ukraine, Russia, Scandinavia where he unearthed a number of previously unreleased gems. The quest for passion in the second Cd takes us to South Africa for a rhythmic track sung by a choir of children, to India for a kitch yet sublime cinematic hymn and to Andalusia for a modernised interpretation of traditional flamenco.

Every one of the 28 tracks tells its own story within a sleek and harmonious musical voyage. Ravin has succeeded in creating a rich and accessible recipe in which everybody can find their own dream.


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