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Price:520 UAH

Double CD
Mixed by Ravin

CD 1 entitled Awakening will sound far less “ethnic” than previous records. Indian music does feature quite heavily on CD1 however with a more modern sound than people will be used to hearing. Throughout the 70 minutes of CD1 the sound is sleek, pure, very modern and distinctly marked by classical music and electronic sound production. Starting with a previously unreleased electro-classical piece by Bliss, Siddharta opens with an emotional but grandiose requiem. Like a sort of seduction act, the music, track by track, picks up in pace and atmosphere from a very meditative and downbeat beginning to an itchy groove towards the end of CD1 including a variety of unusual tracks with Dub, Samba and Bollywood flavours.

CD 2 entitled Euphoria is more upbeat and electronic than previous records. Ravin’s idea here was to create a “whirling dervish” atmosphere that would gradually uplift the listener into a dizzy groove and towards the end of the CD climax in a euphoric fury. The tracks here wind in and out of different places but have a predominantly African and blues flavour. Ravin is not just a master of down beat chill out: he has also developed his own distinctive rhythmic sound through years of deejaying in the world’s most legendary nightclubs. CD 2 climaxes with pounding drum beats suggesting tribal music. The atmosphere is very electronic yet softened with chanted Indian mantras, sound effects and acoustic instruments.


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