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Price:520 UAH

Double CD
Mixed by Ravin

After 20 years of deejaying, and more than a million albums sold (approximately 100 000 copies for each opus of Siddharta), does Ravin attain, by the stock phrase, “the album of maturity”?

At first sight yes, because he chose to name his two cd’s “Salma” and “Chadna”, Indie translation of peace and love.

Love expresses his passion for this music, and Peace his serenity built through his compilations, his sets.

Two decades devote to rag the best titles and their authors all around the world, enabled him to get the reputation of talent’s hunter. For example we can quote “Gotan Project” and “Pink Martini”, both revealed in the “Buddha Bar” compilations.

This opus place Ravin as a real precursor of a new tone, the “Upcoming Sound”, clever blend of Lounge, electro and acoustics flavours.

One more time the sincerity and the passion of Ravin seem to have been profitable.


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