Interior buddha-bar


Kiev «Buddha-Bar» will be illuminated by more than 200 lamps changing their color together with the music.

A giant Buddha lives in each «Buddha-Bar», being between time and space he discretely defends his house from undesirable invasions. Every «Buddha-Bar»  presents a combination of several architectural styles. It is an astonishing location inspired by Asian temple, Portuguese estate with a touch of Santa Fe influences with its colonial style mahogany furniture. Decor is filled with Chinese and Japanese artifacts, magic lanterns, and elegantly trimmed light fittings.

Kiev «Buddha-bar» will be illuminated by more than 200 lamps changing their color together with the music. The light style will be changing several times a day. Every zone will be individually illuminated in the way so every visitor would feel weightless and wouldn't feel like going back to Earth soon. In "Buddha-bar you feel powerful energy created by the conjunction of eastern and oriental atmosphere. There are several necessary elements for all "Buddha-bars": wooden panels, ancient vases, dense flows of amber-shaded light, oriental statues, mosaic, golden fabric and lacquer wood. These details surround the customers on all three floors of the restaurant. However, each floor has its own spirit in the kingdom of «Buddha-Bar». In the dining zone everyone can feel warm waves of Buddha's incredible energy and enjoy enchanting play of the lights that charms and endlessly amazes:

On the third floor customer appears in the kingdom of joy and happiness - lounge-bar "Mezzanine". You may want to stop by the bar to taste "Buddha-Bar's" original cocktails and enjoy the company of cheerful and welcoming barmen. Or you might wish to accommodate cozy on the soft sofas in lounge-bar plunging into music rhythms from all parts of the world.

The pinnacle of Kiev «Buddha-Bar» will be a comfortable VIP hall with a unique  picturesque view down on all lower floors. Like from the top of Olympus, you will be able observe restaurant zone which is illuminated with hundreds of lighting candles.


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